Earth Art Landscape Design

Gifts for the Gardener

Let me warn you, decorative gift buying for the gardener can be a very tricky business. Most gardeners have a very set idea about what belongs in their garden and if you give them the wrong thing, chances are that your gift will end up on the table at their next garage sale. Decorative gifts […]

Deer Resistant Gardens and Landscapes

Anyone who has planted a garden in an area frequented by deer will agree that the experience can be mildly frustrating, expensive and, at times, demoralizing. I have been landscaping in deer-inhabited areas for 18 years, and my knowledge of deer-proof plants has been acquired in the crucible of experience. In my first year as […]

Azalea – Royalty of the Garden

Azaleas are sometimes  called “the royalty of the garden” and can be a great choice for your garden, particularly in a shady or sun dappled area. Azaleas, which belong to the genus Rhododendron, are divided into two different types, deciduous and evergreen. There is a species that grows wild in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Rhododendron […]

Drought Tolerant Gardens and Landscapes – Xeriscape and Other Options

If you are a resident living in one of the many local water districts that impose water restrictions, or are on a well that is decreasing its water output, you are probably wondering what you can do to keep your garden. Drought is an inevitability in California. With an increasing population and a finite amount […]

Succulent Gardens

I believe that there is more to a nice garden than just an assortment of pretty flowers. Contour, color, shape, and texture are all important components to gardens as well.  Succulents fit that bill quite nicely. Their foliage provides a splash of color wherever they are placed and they also provide a wide variety of […]

How to Create and Grow a Shade Garden in Santa Cruz County

If you live in any of the rural areas of Santa Cruz county, there is a very high likelihood that you will be faced with the problem of what to grow in the shade. If you live in an oak woodland, there are more plant options, but you have to be careful about watering. If […]